About Man Cave Stuff

Man = a homo sapien that evolved from the ape.

Cave = his shelter

Stuff = artefacts collected by man as trophies to surround himself with his inner passions

Woman = “it’s Junk”

Man Cave Stuff was created to give the man his escape and the woman a way to get rid of him!
but enough of the humour

Man Cave Stuff was created as a joint idea between my wife and I
You see, every house has a study or garage and they all eventually become Man Caves
The male species is known to have all types of interests beyond the standard ones, so you could say that man is never happy with what they have. Always in search of something that speaks to them. Money, cars, women, racing, games, technology, just to name a few. Name it and the man wants it!

And still…to a Woman = “it’s Junk”

They say that the house is a man’s castle, NOT we all know the woman is the boss.
He only gets the study and the garage (get used to it boys)

Although the women find the unusual artefacts collectables or other interesting objects as
JUNK, she will search continuously and fastidiously for the perfect present to purchase for his special day or occasion to add to the junk.

Men, this is the place you can come to find all of those things to add to your precious Man Cave. The only place in the world that is truly yours.

Ladies, welcome to the Man Cave! This is where you can go on your search for collectable, one off, man specific things to give to your man. Even the man that has everything will find something here. He will cherish you and really believe that you understand his inner sanctum.

I hope you enjoy your experience in the Man Cave.